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Drew Davison, freshman

What do you think is one of the biggest flaws in the American education system?

“I believe that class sizes are too big for students to properly connect with their teachers. Especially with Civics, even though there are two teachers, you have about 50 students in a classroom, and that’s quite a lot. In some cases it can rush [students]. Maybe every student isn’t learning at the pace of the class or isn’t learning appropriately. Maybe some [students] just aren’t connecting with their teachers, or they just aren’t where they need to be academically. Honestly, I never talk one-on-one with teachers, but some people do need that kind of help. Perhaps someone has trouble learning or struggles in certain subjects; it would be nice for them to be able to receive one-on-one help from their teachers. More teachers would be helpful, but we can’t really do that because it would cost more. Maybe adding more transition time between classes could be beneficial so students could stay after class to ask questions, but even that plan has [flaws]. Maybe teachers could build in more time for questions with students or provide a time where students can get some one-on-one help.”

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