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Rock Bridge hosts show choir charity benefit

Photos by Sophie Eaton. Video by Maddie Marreo.

RBHS show choirs Satin n’ Lace and Bright City Lights performed for the charity benefit Voices with a Change on Feb. 6. This year the choirs will be raising money for the Thirst Project, an organization committed to ending the global water crisis through the construction of freshwater wells. 

Alongside Stephens College and Battle, teams who also performed at the event, Voices with a Change raised $3,058 at the end of the night. Last year, the show choirs performed for the charity City of Refugees, presenting them with a check of $3,058 at the end of the night. 

Show choir students like sophomore Drew Gaff said no matter what charity the proceeds are donated to, the donation leaves positive impacts because of its long-lasting effect. Gaff said he loves to perform, wherever the proceeds go.

“This year we decided to join The Thirst Project rather than a local youth charity because the thirst project has a long history with show choirs.” Gaff said. “[The Thirst Project] is a large community, [with] other amazing choirs filled with amazing people.”

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