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Day 2

Bienvenido a mi vida! Today is March 19.

I still can’t get over the fact I’m not physically going to school anymore. It seems like summer vacation, just coupled with the mild anxiety of a typical weekend during the school year. For some reason I have this perpetual feeling of being late on every assignment in all my classes, even though teachers are still figuring out how to manage this new system. I’ve done summer school classes online for the past three summers, and I think I’m now in the same emotional state as I was then.

Unlike during regular school sessions where I can see teachers every day and ask questions in person, I’m now completely dependent on my own time management and organizational skills to keep me on top of my work. Although I would consider myself a relatively self-motivated person, I am worried for all students who rely on the structure of a typical school day to help them succeed.

In addition to staying sane by limiting my free time, I’m also trying to take on a small project every day to stay productive.”

I’m working to set boundaries for myself with “goof-off” time, so I still complete assignments on time. For example, after a leisurely morning I made sure to finish my Advanced Placement Calculus AB homework that is due this Friday. Even though the topic it covered regarding limits made enough sense, I am still confused about solving the rotational problems we recently learned. I would typically go in during my Alternating Unassigned Time (AUT) to ask for help, but since virtually all day, every day is AUT now, that is no longer a feasible option.

In addition to staying sane by limiting my free time, I’m also trying to take on a small project every day to stay productive. Yesterday it was vacuuming my room, so today I decided to deep clean my bathroom. There was dust in places I didn’t even know dust could be. I ended up playing two songs on a loop while I cleaned: “Heaven” by State of Sound and “Sometimes” by Kodaline. I know some people may not find cleaning fun, but for me it’s actually pretty therapeutic. It lets me accomplish a task while also partaking in a mindless activity that lets my thoughts wander and brain destress. As disgusting as the actual dusting, Windexing and scrubbing was, it was nice to check an item off my to do list.

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