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Day 21

Prolonged close proximity to my family is straining my sanity. Today is April 7.

I had a lazy start to my day today and didn’t wake up until nearly 10 a.m. I had a Zoom meeting scheduled with my Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology class at noon, which later changed to 3 p.m., so I wanted to have enough time to wake up, eat a light breakfast and be alert and engaged. I checked my email and did some work for journalism, but other than that I just lounged around.

This was the first time I had left the safety of my house and neighborhood since school let out back in March, so I didn’t want to take any chances.”

Around 1 p.m. I changed into real clothes, washed my hands and picked out an oversized headband to use as a protective face mask to use when I had to go to my 1:30 p.m. doctor’s appointment. I wasn’t sick, but I did need to go to my allergist to have my antigen shot refilled. I have seasonal allergies, as well as some for mold, dust and animals. My mom drove me from our house to the doctor’s office. When we got there, we called to let the office know I’d arrived. Before I entered the building, they asked me a few screening questions about my health, specifically if I was exhibiting any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

After I entered the doctor’s office, a nurse took my temperature before leading me to a room where she gave me my shot. The medical professionals in the facility all wore medical smocks, gloves, face masks and a face shield to prevent them from spreading or contracting any germs. I wore a mask and gloves to protect myself from any possible chance of catching the coronavirus. This was the first time I had left the safety of my house and neighborhood since school let out back in March, so I didn’t want to take any chances.

During dinner my family and I watched a variety of birds and animals make our back yard their home. Photo by Bailey Stover.

I was in and out of the building in record time. Because we were already out and about, my mom decided to stop by Panera to get a coffee for herself and a blueberry muffin for me. The muffin was a nice treat, but I didn’t love the idea of spending more time near people than is absolutely necessary. I am content to spend my days at home, away from potential sources of the coronavirus. 

When we got home, my mom was in a chatty mood. I kept trying to work on editing a fellow newspaper staff member’s feature story, but she was intent on distracting me. Any time I thought she was pausing, I would go back to work. She would start talking again as soon as I began to read. For nearly half an hour I had to remind her I was working. Normally she is able to find other outlets (like her students) to pour her extra energy into, but because of the district’s reduced expectations and alternative education methods, she no longer sees them on a near-daily basis. I enjoy her passion and excitement, but after hearing the 75th headline, news article or “Did you know?” in an hour-long window, my patience begins to crumble.

“Home is where you hear love within the stillness.”

Raquel Franco

Because the weather was so beautiful today, my family decided to eat on our back porch. My dad made hamburgers while my mom cooked her homemade baked beans and heated up French fries. When we were done eating, we played a game of Spades on the deck during golden hour to appreciate the long-lasting sunlight. For the rest of the evening, we went our separate ways to relax and unwind. I loved being able to see the moon, and because we live away from high-traffic areas, I watched the moon rise above the tree-line with only the background noise of cricket chirps. I know I should still be taking school seriously, especially since I have four AP tests to prepare for, but I lack any motivation to study now that grades no longer matter. I’m hoping I’ll rediscover my will to work sooner rather than later, but for now I’m simply enjoying the season however I can.

“Home is where you hear love within the stillness.” ― Raquel Franco

How did you spend your 21st day of social distancing? Let us know in the comments below.

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