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Day 82

Procrastination isn’t always the best plan. Today is June 7.

For the first time I can recall, last night I had a repeat dream. It involved a lake, a plate of nachos, a supernatural monster of some sort and a lot of fighting. I can’t remember when I dreamed the dream before, but I distinctly recognized some of the details and “characters” in the story as something I’d seen (or in this case made up in my subconscious mind) already. I woke up feeling surprised and slightly confused as to why I was having the same dream a second time, but I didn’t pay it too much attention in the end.

I love all of the flowers my mom has planted this year. Photo by Bailey Stover.

Per my usual not-so-healthy routine of laziness, I ended up sleeping in until around 11 a.m. despite the numerous alarms I’d set for 9 a.m. I really need to come up with a better system for waking up without 47 alarms going off (that may not be an exaggeration) so I don’t drive my roommate to commit homicide within the first week of us living together. During Lent I’d kept my phone out of my room when I was sleeping, so I might go back to that system and see if my luck improves. Though, to be fair, part of the reason I didn’t get to sleep until late last night (or early this morning depending on one’s perspective) was because my mom was talking on the phone with a friend until nearly midnight quite loudly. Regardless, I’m going to hold myself more accountable for good sleep hygiene and routine going forward to become a more well-prepared young adult as I enter college.

I had initially planned on writing my thank you notes today, but instead I got distracted by my email. All year, probably as far back as when I was a junior and started getting college emails, I’d let my inbox fill and fill until I’d amassed nearly 4,000 unread emails from a random assortment of colleges, Kaplan Test Prep, the various online graphic design companies I’ve worked on during school projects and a countless other array of organizations and marketing sites.

I made the poor decision of keeping gum in my wallet and now have to clean it off my coins because of the melted mess it made. Photo by Bailey Stover.

I’d allowed the disorganization to continue for far too long, and it got to the point the other day where I missed an important email because I couldn’t tell it from the barrage of garbage and spam I’ve received. To rectify my sloppiness, I spent the better part of the afternoon sorting through the thousands of emails until I’d trashed and marked as read all my unwanted information. I was extremely proud of myself when I finished and saw I only had about 540 emails in my inbox. 

I didn’t have any other huge plans for the day, and because the weather was so hot and humid I didn’t want to go for a walk, so instead I opted to relax and watch a few episodes of Queer Eye. When my dad and brother came back from playing tennis, my parents and I decided to hang out and spend some time together. For most of the rest of the day, my parents and I hung out and watched Chuck, though we did end up watching three episodes of Upload while my brother was home. Upload seemed like a cross of several different shows including The Good Place and The Matrix to name two. It is quite interesting and engaging, and we’re enjoying it a lot so far.

“Look at the sunny side of everything.”

Christian D. Larsen

As for Chuck, it is holding up to my high standards for it and continuing to make me smile and laugh, with the occasional frustrated groan or tense breath, during each episode. I love being able to share the experience with my parents and talking throughout the show, guessing what will happen next and contemplating what characters will do what and why. My brother’s birthday is in a few days, so tomorrow I’m going to see what I can do to help my mom and dad prepare food, especially the cake, and organize the event. I want to make his day special because he deserves it.

“Look at the sunny side of everything.” ― Christian D. Larsen

How did you spend your 82nd day of social distancing? Let us know in the comments below.

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