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Anna Xu

As a kid, I would constantly bug my parents and grandparents to rack their brains one more time to tell me a story. Most times, they would deliver. I’d learn about how I tried incessantly to name my little brother Abby or how my grandmother was one of two girls in her village to attend high school and the only to receive a college degree. 

My yearning for a cute anecdote or a motivational feature hasn’t changed, whether I satisfy myself with a book, podcast, movie, or conversation. I believe human stories, how a friend picked her dog, or how Harriet Tubman organized the Underground Railroad to free dozens of slaves, are so interesting. It’s these stories, big or small, that inspire me as a journalist. 

No matter one’s background, the human experience is unique, and it’s the personal struggles and displays of character that culminate into stories. For me, there’s nothing more meaningful.