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Senior Audrey Snyder is a photographer for the The Rock and Bearing News. In addition to journalism, she is a representative of Student Council, volunteers with RBRO, is a founding member of Philosophy club, a part time debater and a member of Young Republicans, Young Democrats and Young Moderates. Currently she spends her free time practicing tennis, playing with her four dogs, reading the 100 most influential books of all time, appreciating the iconicy of Timothee Chalamet & Lana del Rey and trying to hit 140 mph in her car without going to jail.

Cultural value of Global Village prevails through COVID-19

Audrey Snyder
Rock Bridge hosted its annual Global Village celebration Friday, March 13 despite push back from corona concerned parents. Lasting all first and second hour, this...

Seniors defeat juniors to win PowderPuff

Audrey Snyder
Audrey Snyder covers the annual PowderPuff football game on Thursday Nov. 14. Each class was represented by a team of girls and the Bruin boys...