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Senior Bailey Stover is one of two Editors-In-Chief of "The Rock" and "Bearing News." As a journalist, she believes her job is to tell the truth, even when it is uncomfortable to read. Her goal as a writer is to reach the heart of an issue and present it to readers in the simplest and most honest way possible, even when it would be easier for the world to merely look away. Some of her favorite pieces are here. She is passionate about telling the stories of marginalized groups and hopes to do international aid work in the future. In her limited free time, she is the leader of multiple cultural and service organizations at RBHS, and she plays competitive volleyball.

People of Roots n Blues n BBQ – Zoe McDermit

Bailey Stover
Zoe McDermit, a Columbia native and Hickman High School graduate, spent her time Friday evening, the first day of the Roots n Blues n Barbecue...

Volleyball jamboree prepares team for start of season

Bailey Stover
The Bruins tied with California High School (25-19, 20-25) and lost to local opponent BHS (24-25, 24-25) because of the jamboree’s 25 point cap....