A glimpse into the writing, design and photos of Bailey Stover

Bailey Stover

As a journalist, my job is to tell the truth, even when it is uncomfortable to read. My goal as a writer is to reach the heart of an issue and present it to readers in the simplest and most honest way possible, even when it would be easier for the world to merely look away. In October 2018 I tackled the topic of physical and emotional abuse and PTSD among high schoolers, which culminated in the in-depth stories Burnedand “The Musical Mad Scientist.” I prepared for the interviews as I normally do, but once I spoke with the students and counselor, I knew the stories would be more intimate than anything I had done before. I spent hours conducting interviews to make sure I had each detail correct. I transcribed every word to be certain I had clear context for the entire story and plenty of information for transitions and anecdotes. Ultimately, I reached out to the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) prior to publication for legal advice regarding anonymity in order to protect the sources, who are minors, since they spoke about abuse, illegal drug and alcohol use, and generally unsafe living environments. Even though both sources agreed to have their names published, SPLC recommended I omit the name of the student source in “Burned” to protect The Rock and BearingNews from unfounded litigation. During Women’s History Month (WHM), I got the specific idea for “Whistle in the Dark”from a quote I saw defining the phrase as putting on a brave face in a frightening situation. I focused the story on the experiences of a math teacher who had shared a part of her past with me as well as a college police lieutenant and a female student and wove them together with the common topic of the dangers young adults face, such as drugged drinks and sexual assaults, as well as the need for proper self defense. Among others, I’ve also explored delicate and daring topics concerning climate change, artificial intelligence and the impact of social media on one’s health and happiness.