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Modern-day suffragettes continue historical legacy

Maddie Orr
Bearing News celebrates the 100th year American women have had the right to vote during Women's History Month. Read Maddie Orr's story on the significance...

Materialistic principles drive consumer habits

Bailey Stover
Dr. Marsha Richins, a professor in the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri — Columbia, has published numerous journal articles on the...

Mispronunciation causes insecurity, cultural names often take the blame

Ryan Choe
When people come across senior Yousef Binalsheikh’s (pronounced bin-al-shake) name, it can appear as an impossible tongue-twister. In Binalsheikh’s eyes, cases of other people butchering...

Planting her feet: woman advocates for wildlife sanctuary

Multiple Authors
Sutu Forte, a nature activist in Columbia, Mo., conducted a tree sit for eight days in protest of a new trail that would destroy a...

Financial obligations raise stakes for MSHSAA students

Bailey Stover
Clubs can have dues of up to $30 though not all organizations cost to join. For students who may not be able to afford the...