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Media stereotypes of LGBT characters set misleading standard, isolate viewers

Sarah Mosteller
Today’s LGBT representation, while improved, still sets an unrealistic standard for society of how queer people should look and behave. Only showcasing a small portion...

CPS must adopt pass/fail grading system for the well-being of students

Will Cover
In this time of crisis from COVID-19, it’s imperative educators put the well-being of students above homework and grades, just as they did by closing...

Lack of diversity in medicine lowers quality of care

Multiple Authors
As America becomes more and more diverse, the field of medicine struggles to keep up. In medicine, underrepresented minorities include African Americans, Hispanics and Native...

Housing reparations necessary to counteract redlining, institutionalized racism

Will Cover
Housing has been the most egregious instance of discrimination in America's economy, with a 32.5% gap in homeownership between black and white Americans. This in...

US meddling in the Middle East increases instability, terrorism

Will Cover
Although the aim to stop global terrorism must inarguably be a goal of the U.S., the War on Terror and U.S. engagement in the Middle...