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Special Reports

Human activities prove detrimental to environment, increase risk of infectious diseases

Audrey Novinger
In order to combat future infectious diseases and protect the planet, we must tackle factors that contribute to climate change....

Senior Thalia Montilla reflects on her favorite cultural traditions, addresses stereotypes

Bailey Stover
As the fourth installment in an ongoing series, senior Thalia Montilla reflects on her favorite cultural traditions and addresses inaccurate stereotypes. Montilla describes her favorite...

Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Bailey Stover
Environmental advocates with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the Sierra Club express the urgent need for youth activists and political change to protect...

Students work jobs to save money, evade boredom; responsibilities affect online learning

Maddie Orr
RBHS students describe how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their work hours and income, as well as how it is changing their role in the...

Local places of worship cancel, adjust services

Ryan Choe
At least 25 places of worship in Columbia, MO announced on their online websites that they postponed services due to the health and safety concerns...

Coronavirus isolates but also unifies; an international outlook on the pandemic

Sarah Mosteller