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2019 BNSlider

Local places of worship cancel, adjust services

Ryan Choe
At least 25 places of worship in Columbia, MO announced on their online websites that they postponed services due to the health and safety concerns...

COVID-19 halts multiple sports seasons

Ryan Choe
The Missouri State High School Activities Association canceled the remainder of the Class 4 and Class 5 state basketball tournaments and suspended the spring sports...

Wrestlers’ diets, training impact weight classes

Ryan Choe
In wrestling, making a weight can be the difference between facing a physically larger and more imposing opponent or being that opponent....

GSA creates safe, welcoming environment for members

Ana Manzano
Ana Manzano covers the Gay-Straigth Alliance (GSA) Club at RBHS and how its members look to support and foster and positive environment....

Coming out for clout disrespects LGBTQ community

Sarah Mosteller
Junior Sarah Mosteller discusses the conflict of people coming out for clout, and how it impacts the LGBTQ community....

No-cut sports allow for more inclusion

Maddie Orr
RBHS has 12 athletic programs, with some having tryouts to construct the final roster and others having no cuts. Maddie Orr covers the case for...