Bearing News


Day 87

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 87th day of social distancing enrolling for classes at MU, cleaning her brother's bathroom, napping and baking cookies....

Day 47

Bailey Stover
During her 47th day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover cleaned her room, watched Netflix and spent time contemplating the meaning of life and love....

Fear fuels decision-making, everyday behavior, attitude

Ji-Sung Lee
Fear, a powerful and primitive human emotion, essentially shapes all that humans do. Whether to skydive off an airplane or pick up a tarantula with...

Anxiety amplifies awareness

Bailey Stover
No matter how well adjusted someone is, the world can seem overwhelming at times. In the age of social media likes, retweets and streaks, it...


Bailey Stover
In the struggle to care for herself, one student overcomes internal and external turmoil to generate positive self-perception....

The musical mad scientist

Bailey Stover
Childhood trauma can inflict lasting damage on a person's emotional and psychological health and well-being, which over time may cause young adults to develop unhealthy...