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Ben Loeb

Girls’ tennis takes top five finishes in individual state tournaments

Ryan Choe
After losing a closely contested team match in the state quarterfinals against St. Teresa’s Academy, 4-5, Oct. 19, the girls’ tennis team hoped to capture...

An open letter to high school as a second semester senior

Maddie Murphy
As I enter my eighth, and final, semester, the comradery I’ve felt is unmatched. The conversations are becoming more vulnerable. The smiles are becoming more...

Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Emily Oba
The frenzy of applying to college can become overwhelming for students who give themselves many options of schools....

Girls’ tennis secures fifth state championship in a row

Emily Oba
The Bruins came out on top, achieving a team state championship title, making it the fifth in a row....

Camaraderie roots in captains

Bailey Stover
Each year senior athletes graduate, leaving rising upperclassmen to fill the empty leadership positions. Team captains feel a level of responsibility to their teammates to...

Girls’ golf takes first at Warrensburg Invitational

Emily Oba
With five Bruins placing in the top ten at the Warrensburg Invitational, the girls' golf team has started their season off with a success....