Bearing News

Camryn DeVore

Day 129

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 129th day of social distancing writing an essay, watching television and going to a friend's graduation party....

Day 59

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 59th day of social distancing saying goodbye to high school by creating Instagram posts for her fellow senior staff members....

4 photographers, 1 model: Competition enhances creativity, inspires versatility

Multiple Authors
Photographers Camryn DeVore, Parker Boone, Sophia Eaton and Ana Manzano participated in a four photographers, one model competition to hone their skills....

Two jobs

Bailey Stover
Senior Chloe James recalls her experience working and quitting two jobs. She reflects on what her employment taught her and the discrimination she faced....

Materialistic principles drive consumer habits

Bailey Stover
Dr. Marsha Richins, a professor in the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri — Columbia, has published numerous journal articles on the...