Bearing News


Day 136

Bailey Stover
During her 136th day of social distancing, senior (now high school graduate) Bailey Stover attended her RBHS graduation ceremony and celebrated afterward....

Day 113

Bailey Stover
During her 113th day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover read "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding and browsed for shows to watch on...

Day 100

Bailey Stover
During her 100th day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover went biking and had luch at a restaurant with her parents before watching "Chuck."...

Day 97

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 97th day of social distancing watching "Roswell, New Mexico," appreciating her mom's garden and playing Spades....

Senior Kennedy Robbins talks about Canadian culture, history

Bailey Stover
As the second installment in an ongoing series featuring students from multicultural backgrounds, senior Kennedy Robbins talks about what life in her home town of...

Volleyball jamboree prepares team for start of season

Bailey Stover
The Bruins tied with California High School (25-19, 20-25) and lost to local opponent BHS (24-25, 24-25) because of the jamboree’s 25 point cap....