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Bruins football beats Smith-Cotton in one-sided game

Josiah Anderson
In the first home game of the 2021 football season, the Bruins handed Smith-Cotton High School (SCHS) a 50-0 loss, demonstrating home field advantage. Coming...

Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Bailey Stover
Environmental advocates with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the Sierra Club express the urgent need for youth activists and political change to protect...

Calvin Street Band captivates crowds

Bailey Stover
The Calvin Street Band greeted attentive audience members as they entered Roots-n-Blues-n-BBQ Saturday at the festival....

Students perform at Roots n Blues on ‘The Front Porch’

Matthew Burns
During Roots n Blues students like RBHS' Piper Page performed around the festival and on 'The Front Porch.' In one variation or another, BlackWater has...

How the Avett Brothers kickdrumed into my heart

Bailey Stover
The Avett Brothers' concert at the Roots n Blues n BBQ festival Friday night opened my eyes to the world of live music for the...