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Day 93

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 93rd day of social distancing watching "Love, Victor," making an ice cream pie and celebrating her dad's 60th birthday....

Media stereotypes of LGBT characters set misleading standard, isolate viewers

Sarah Mosteller
Today’s LGBT representation, while improved, still sets an unrealistic standard for society of how queer people should look and behave. Only showcasing a small portion...

Housing reparations necessary to counteract redlining, institutionalized racism

Will Cover
Housing has been the most egregious instance of discrimination in America's economy, with a 32.5% gap in homeownership between black and white Americans. This in...

Rising student loan debt places undue burden on low-income, minority Americans

Will Cover
To truly provide equal opportunity to Americans as they enter adulthood, the U.S. federal government should provide scholarships to make college free for all low-income...