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emerald regiment

Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Emily Oba
The frenzy of applying to college can become overwhelming for students who give themselves many options of schools....

Anxiety amplifies awareness

Bailey Stover
No matter how well adjusted someone is, the world can seem overwhelming at times. In the age of social media likes, retweets and streaks, it...

The musical mad scientist

Bailey Stover
Childhood trauma can inflict lasting damage on a person's emotional and psychological health and well-being, which over time may cause young adults to develop unhealthy...

Harvard lawsuit may change the future of affirmative action

Amanda Kurukulasuriya
Oct. 15, a trial based on a 2014 lawsuit filed by the private organization Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) against Harvard took place at the...

A night of celebration: Last football home game

Maya Bell
The night ended in a victory over Helias Catholic High School with a final score of [52-28]....

Emerald Regiment places high at first competition of the season

Katie Whaley
RBHS's Emerald Regiment places fourth at Tiger Ambush Classic marching competition....