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Financial obligations raise stakes for MSHSAA students

Bailey Stover
Clubs can have dues of up to $30 though not all organizations cost to join. For students who may not be able to afford the...

From the streets to the screen

Amira McKee
The evolution of activism, protest culture in American society While scrolling through Instagram feeds, tapping through Snapchat stories or fumbling through Facebook profiles, one can’t...

Spoken language brings power, influence

Bailey Stover
As children age, they understand how to use their words to express their wants, needs and emotions....

Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Emily Oba
The frenzy of applying to college can become overwhelming for students who give themselves many options of schools....

Estrada remains optimistic despite family, physical challenges

Emily Oba
Standing in front of the entrance to the house, senior Eric Estrada kept a watchful eye on his old grandpa. Glancing at his cousin Toño,...