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Students work jobs to save money, evade boredom; responsibilities affect online learning

Maddie Orr
RBHS students describe how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their work hours and income, as well as how it is changing their role in the...

Modern-day suffragettes continue historical legacy

Maddie Orr
Bearing News celebrates the 100th year American women have had the right to vote during Women's History Month. Read Maddie Orr's story on the significance...

Breaking down gender barriers in male dominated sports

Maddie Orr
In celebration of Women's History Month, female athletes reflect on their experiences and share what factors have influenced them in competing in male dominated sports....

No-cut sports allow for more inclusion

Maddie Orr
RBHS has 12 athletic programs, with some having tryouts to construct the final roster and others having no cuts. Maddie Orr covers the case for...

Planting her feet: woman advocates for wildlife sanctuary

Multiple Authors
Sutu Forte, a nature activist in Columbia, Mo., conducted a tree sit for eight days in protest of a new trail that would destroy a...