Bearing News


Day 148

Bailey Stover
During her 148th day of social distancing, recent RBHS graduate Bailey Stover trimmed her hair and watched "Avengers: End Game" with her mom....

Day 137

Bailey Stover
During her 137th day of social distancing, recent high school graduate Bailey Stover wrote letters to friends and cleaned the crafts room with her mom....

Day 106

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 106th day of social distancing listening to a thunderstorm, watching TV, going to the dentist and baking cookies....

Day 67

Bailey Stover
During her 67th day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover watched a new Mexican drama on Netflix and went to a close friend's graduation party....

A World of Sounds

Jack Speake
This playlist hopes to strike a balance between showing off music from parts of the world less familiar to those and rock bridge while still...