Bearing News


Day 123

Bailey Stover
During her 123rd day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover baked with her mom, went to her friends' graduation party and hung out with family...

Day 107

Bailey Stover
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 107th day of social distancing watching "Quantico" and reading Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha's "What the Eyes Don't See."...

Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Bailey Stover
Environmental advocates with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the Sierra Club express the urgent need for youth activists and political change to protect...

Modern-day suffragettes continue historical legacy

Maddie Orr
Bearing News celebrates the 100th year American women have had the right to vote during Women's History Month. Read Maddie Orr's story on the significance...

Jobs lost to machines provide space for new opportunities

Isaac Parrish
With recent advancements in artificial intelligence, people are starting to worry about what this might mean for the current job market....

Counseling department opens Missouri Girls State applications

Ji-Sung Lee
The application process for Missouri Girls State is open to RBHS junior girls. The deadline is Jan. 25....