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‘Welcome to Chechnya’ documents the horrors of Russian anti-gay purge, empowers international change

Maddie Orr
An ocean away a horrific injustice is occurring under Russian supervision: a massacre labeled an anti-gay purge. Since 2017, the Chechen government has been kidnapping,...

‘A Machine to Live In’ illuminates divide between culture, industrialization through alternate perspectives

Anjali Noel Ramesh
"A Machine to Live" In depicts the clash of space-age technology with developing cultural normality in an impressive showcase of skilled cinematography. ...

‘Crip Camp’ exceptionally recognizes past mistreatment of the handicapped, fight for reform

Maddie Orr
Crip Camp tells a story of humanity, love and inspiration as handicapped Americans fight for human rights in the 1970s. The documentary was beautiful; depicting...

Sleep Talking Ep. 2

Isaac Parrish
After just getting back from their class’s trip to Chicago, Jack and Isaac immediately get together to talk about Pokémon instead of going to sleep...