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Women’s History Month: Celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage

Maddie Orr

March 31, 2020

Today's inspiring women...

The National Council of Women of the U.S. was organized by Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Julia Ward Howe, and Sojourner Truth, among others, in 1888. It is the oldest non-sectarian women’s organization in the U.S.

Today in 1988, Toni Morrison won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel Beloved.

All information according to Today in Women’s History.

Memorable moments in March...

March 12, 2020

The 2020 Olympic Flame,  a symbol used in the Olympic movement as well as a symbol of continuity between ancient and modern game, began its historic journey from Olympia to Tokyo, led by a woman for the first time, Anna Korakaki, 2016 Olympic shooting gold medalist from Greece.